Always monitors the entire pool and all swimmers.


Automatically detects a potential drowning.


Alerts within 10 seconds and indicates the position of the swimmer.

This is Poseidon

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Detection in shallow pools

To detect potential drowning down to a depth of 2.5 meters, the pool is monitored from above.
The dual overhead cameras provide a complete helicopter view of the pool. This gives a clear view of what is happening in the pool and eliminates the risk of swimmers obstructing the cameras’ fields of view.

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Detection in deep pools

Poseidon installs underwater cameras to detect drowning accidents in pools more than 2.5 meters deep. The specially designed underwater units include dual high-quality optical cameras with a combined field of vision of 180 degrees. The low-profile and unobtrusive cameras are mounted on the pool walls under the surface and they continuously scan the bottom of the pool.

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Detects within 10 seconds

Detection and fast response time are the most important factors when a drowning incident occurs to save lives and avoid permanent damage.

When Poseidon has detected a person that has been motionless at the bottom of a pool for 10 seconds, an alarm is triggered. The detailed information and alarm allows lifeguards to respond quickly to an incident and begin life-saving.

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